Meet Aragon!

Private by Design

Aragon is the first voice control system for Home Automation that works without the need for an Internet connection. Voice recognition runs entirely on the device – nothing is transmitted or recorded.

Your Privacy is guaranteed.

What’s said at home stays at home

We know how hard it is to find a smart-home automation system that keeps what you say private. 

That is why we have developed Aragon, a unique voice control system for home automation that works without need for an Internet connection.

Voice analysis and command execution are carried out locally, on device – keeping your data private and saving you energy costs.

The Aragon smart-home assistant gives you high voice-controlled interoperability with a large variety of home automation products such as KNX, SONOS, Hue, and many more.

Aragon never records or transmits anything you say. Voice recognition runs entirely on device.

Aragon working with SensFloor®

Dialogue with the floor

“I’ve noticed a fall. Should I call for help?

At bedtime:
“Should I turn off the light?”

When getting out of bed:
“Don’t forget to drink water and take your medication”.

Leaving the flat late at night:
“I’ll tell the family you are going out”.

Leaving the kitchen:
“Should I turn off the oven?”

This special flooring from Future-Shape is a large, discreet sensor system that can be installed under any kind of flooring. The smart floor has the capacity to detect presence and movement of people without the need for pressure. The signals are sent wirelessly to a transceiver, which calculates the number of people on the floor, their direction and speed, as well as detects falls.

There are multiple use-cases for Sens-Floor® installation, from health care and Assisted Living, to home automation and security.

Office automation using voice control increases comfort and saves energy. Employees can use their voice to manipulate their surroundings and create the perfect ambiance.

Aragon: Now with optional AI assistance

To widen the capabilities of Aragon, we have now added an option to initiate “online mode” to allow you to access trusted AI assistant services.

To understand the levels of privacy offered by online and offline status of our smart speaker, read on here and view product here.