A new analysis feature for the ProKNX smart speaker

Do you like to know what’s going on? Then you’ll love this new Voice Usage Statistics feature from ProKNX!

For users and integrators who want to understand exactly how an installed ProKNX smart speaker is functioning, a new feature has been added that enables them to download a Voice Usage Statistics application from the ProKNX Node-Red library.

Your privacy is still protected as the statistics that are optionally recorded stay on the device, and are never transferred to the cloud. the data will never be shared to a third party. The user can delete the data, and the application at any time. What’s said at home still stays at home.

This feature allows you to analyse

  • how many times certain voice commands are used,
  • exactly what words the smart speaker understood for each command,
  • if a command given was successfully executed.
Example of statistics generated

These statistics can help to fine-tune the training given to each smart speaker to expressly tailor the smart speaker to the needs of individual users.