A sneak preview of the e-house at the IFA 2022!

The IFA 2022 in Berlin is an event we have all been waiting for! Our CEO, Christian Kiefel, will be attending the event running from the 2/9 – 6/9. Find him in hall 20/303 at the e-house from ZVEH (Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke) where you can try out a KNX installation in ‘real-life’. What can you experience at the e-house? Find out below!

What can you experience at the e-house?

The e-house has been optimized with KNX products and smart devices that are interoperable with the KNX protocol. These devices are centrally controlled by ProKNX voice-activated smart speakers. The devices work together to form a comprehensive intelligent home system that regulates energy use, multimedia, and monitors the health of residents.

Intelligent lighting, shading and air-conditioning technology can be seen first-hand. Multimedia is controlled with the integration of systems from a host of companies who are leaders in their fields, such as Basalte, Sonos and Panasonic.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the increasingly important area of energy management. A large proportion of the technology showcased at the e-house is based on Eisbaer bms.

The technological part of the e-house that we at ProKNX are especially excited about is the features that future-proof the house and allow for prolonged independent living in a familiar environment.

  • The touch-sensitive floor from FutureShape immediately detects the incidence of a fall.
  • Sensors around health technology detect problems via an individual’s respiration, and also via the health watch – where pulse, breathing rate or lack of oxygen in the blood are shown
  • Help is automatically available through the Skyresponse alert platform service.
  • A wheelchair controlled via glasses by Munevo can also be tested at the e-house. The glasses facilitate the actions of a physically disabled person by allowing them to control the chair and its building functions by simple head movements.
  • Our offline voice assistant, Aragon, is used as a gateway to coalesce these functions into a complete system. 

There really is a lot to see! Come by and have a chat. Christian is at the stand up to and including Saturday.