Theben LUXORliving, Future-Shape, and ProKNX together at The L+B Show in March

Come and see future-proofing in action at the Light + Building Trade-show!

In the spirit of our new cooperation with Theben AG and Future-Shape GmbH, we will be joining the two companies at the Theben booth at The Light + Building Trade Fair from 3 – 8 March in Frankfurt, Germany. There, we will demonstrate an extraordinary development that will change the way smart home solutions are designed to encompass future living needs, as well as present ones.

Look out for us at Hall 12, Stand B50 at the biggest trade fair stand in Theben’s history!

Click here for information on the L&B show.

Theben LUXORliving training case makes for easy integration

We are finalizing the integration of our Aragon smart speaker with the LUXORliving smart home solution by Theben. The process of integration with Theben AG LUXORliving is going very smoothly thanks to their training case!

luxorliving training case

Using this training case has made the testing phase simple and straight-forward.

Theben’s portable training case contains twelve LUXORliving products used for training when integrating smart devices into the solution. A display of lights and LED panels show events that occur during testing, thus giving a clear vision of the results.

In using the case, we have determined that our Aragon system integrates smoothly with the LUXORliving server IP1.

Once the needed home automation features are defined in the LUXORplug application and transferred, the Aragon smart speaker automatically reads any room names, device names, and types from the IP1 server.

This integration will support a large number of home automation products, from lighting and dimmers, to shutters and scenes.

Download a free brochure below:

ProKNX delighted with their success at the KNX Awards 2022!

Success at the KNX Awards 2022!

We are very pleased to announce that the ProKNX Aragon Smart Speaker/ProServ bundle has been placed by popular vote in the top four best products for the KNX Awards 2022! The Best Product is one of several new categories for the biennial KNX Awards. This category was added by the organization this year in order to better showcase the vast array of development and creativity displayed by KNX members in the home and building industry. Since the first awards ceremony in 2008, the KNX awards have become established as an international benchmark of quality and innovation in the building industry.

ProServ + ARAGON WL bundle

The competition was fierce, with a large number of innovative high-quality products nominated from all around the world. We wish to extend our congratulations to all KNX industry members who took part in the awards.

As a small company, we feel privileged to have been given the distinction of innovating one of the best products of the year, along with the highly regarded companies Siemens, Divus GmbH, ad Mean Well.

The winning products from the KNX awards 2022 can be seen here:

  • the Touch Control TC5 from Siemens
  • the KNX IQ08 TPS Standalone Touch Panel from DIVUS GmbH
  • the KNX Data Secure Constant Voltage LED Driver from MEAN WELL

For more information on the proServ/Aragon smart speaker bundle, click here

A sneak preview of the e-house at the IFA 2022!

The IFA 2022 in Berlin is an event we have all been waiting for! Our CEO, Christian Kiefel, will be attending the event running from the 2/9 – 6/9. Find him in hall 20/303 at the e-house from ZVEH (Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke) where you can try out a KNX installation in ‘real-life’. What can you experience at the e-house? Find out below!

What can you experience at the e-house?

The e-house has been optimized with KNX products and smart devices that are interoperable with the KNX protocol. These devices are centrally controlled by ProKNX voice-activated smart speakers. The devices work together to form a comprehensive intelligent home system that regulates energy use, multimedia, and monitors the health of residents.

Intelligent lighting, shading and air-conditioning technology can be seen first-hand. Multimedia is controlled with the integration of systems from a host of companies who are leaders in their fields, such as Basalte, Sonos and Panasonic.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the increasingly important area of energy management. A large proportion of the technology showcased at the e-house is based on Eisbaer bms.

The technological part of the e-house that we at ProKNX are especially excited about is the features that future-proof the house and allow for prolonged independent living in a familiar environment.

  • The touch-sensitive floor from FutureShape immediately detects the incidence of a fall.
  • Sensors around health technology detect problems via an individual’s respiration, and also via the health watch – where pulse, breathing rate or lack of oxygen in the blood are shown
  • Help is automatically available through the Skyresponse alert platform service.
  • A wheelchair controlled via glasses by Munevo can also be tested at the e-house. The glasses facilitate the actions of a physically disabled person by allowing them to control the chair and its building functions by simple head movements.
  • Our offline voice assistant, Aragon, is used as a gateway to coalesce these functions into a complete system. 

There really is a lot to see! Come by and have a chat. Christian is at the stand up to and including Saturday.

ProKNX wins award for Best Product of the year for the new Aragon Companion

Anticipation rippled through the crowd as the cream envelope containing the names of the winners of Best Product for 2021 was torn open on stage at the annual Smarthome Germany Awards yesterday. This prestigious organization carefully selects and acclaims the best new developments in the German-speaking Smart-home industry each year. Applause broke out as ProKNX was awarded third place for its new offline smart home assistant, Aragon Companion, that enables seniors to live safely and independently at home for longer.

After the awards ceremony, ProKNX CEO, Christian Kiefel said that he was extremely pleased with the placing, and congratulated the two other Best Product award winners, Lebensräume and Hoppe-Gruppe for their excellent products. He stated, “Together as an industry we are changing the face of the smart home to reflect the modern needs and desires of everyday life.  Our goal in using this intelligent technology is to help people live more comfortably and safely in their homes than was previously possible.”

The Aragon Companion operates offline to keep the lives of the user completely private. It is a combination of a voice controlled smart assistant that can be used to manipulate lights, blinds, and heating, and an intelligent device that monitors the daily routine of people living alone. The assistant carries out passive problem detection by evaluating data received from installed motion detectors, sensors or manual switching actions and learning the routine of an individual person. If it detects anomalies such as a longer than usual stay in the bathroom, abnormal meal times, or an unusual rising time, it can alert an outside caregiver. A nominated carer can also be contacted through an active verbal request for help.

Kiefel went on to explain that the Aragon Companion assistant also has an enormous advantage over many other smart-home systems on the market in that it is a “plug and play” device that transmits its data over local Wi-Fi. Therefore, it can be easily installed in both new-builds and retrofits as there is no need to disturb any building surfaces to put the system in place.

“We are committed to making inexpensive, high-quality senior-friendly living possible with simple means. The psychological and physical benefits for seniors of being autonomous and safe in their own homes are enormous for the individuals themselves, and for society as a whole,” stated Kiefel. “At ProKNX, we believe that the Aragon Companion can make life more comfortable and far safer for the seniors of today, and will also have a vastly positive impact on our daily lives as we become the seniors of tomorrow.”