ProKNX and Future-Shape announce partnership

ProKNX and Future-Shape are pleased to announce their partnership to bring the Aragon smart speaker and innovative Sens-floor® together to create an essential smart technology solution. Working in tandem the two products will allow new safety and security measures to be put in place for people living alone, residential homes, and care-homes. This is a huge advancement for the care sector.

The special flooring from Future-Shape is a large, discreet sensor system that can be installed under any kind of flooring. The smart floor detects presence and movement of people without the need for pressure. The signals are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. The transceiver, in turn, calculates the number of people on the floor, their direction and speed, as well as detects falls.

There are multiple use-cases for Sens-Floor® coupled with the Aragon smart speaker installation. These range from health care and Assisted Living, to home automation and security.

To see how Aragon Companion and Sens-Floor® work together, watch the demonstration video below:

Node-Red can be used for the effortless integration of Sensfloor® and Aragon for any smart system installation. Generating code is simple to do by implementing a node developed by FlowFuse. The node uses AI to generate code an integrator needs to achieve interoperable functionality.

For more information on the ease of creating Node-Red code with AI to set up a smart-home solution, go to our HeyAragon developer website.

The Dawn of a New KNX Age: the KNX IoT 3rd Party API

Introducing the KNX IoT 3rd Party API by KNX. The IoT is well entrenched in the modern smart building industry. Until now, there have been a number of obstacles in deployment. Often different devices need their individual apps to function. This creates difficulty in interoperability between platforms and devices. There has also been an elevated dependency on Internet and Cloud connections, as well as issues in maintaining ‘patchwork’ installations.

That has all changed with the launch of KNX IoT 3rd Party API by KNX. This new protocol standardizes communication, and allows non-KNX and KNX products to be used in a single installation with all new servers that will support this standardized protocol. The advantages for the industry are many-fold. They range from lowering construction costs and increasing speed of project deliveries, to improving reliability and compatibility of systems.

For both device vendors and the end-user, the new protocol is a huge advantage as only one standard API is needed to control them all.

In collaboration with Schneider Electric at the recent Light + Building expo, we successfully demonstrated the use of the KNX IoT 3rd-Party API that created interoperable interaction between Schneider WISER, Simlab AR, and our Aragon smart speaker.

To find out more about this new standard that will make it far easier to create products, solutions and services, read more in the informative article from KNXtoday article below:

ProKNX and Skyresponse are pleased to announce their new partnership!

Skyresponse: Improving lives in a connected world

Before committing to a partnership, the two companies put their systems through rigorous testing to ascertain that there was complete interoperability of the ProKNX smart speaker with the Skyresponse alarm platform. Both companies offer very high quality products and services, therefore were not willing to compromise on this aspect. Once it was determined that the systems were seamlessly compatible, the partnership was finalized.

Skyresponse takes alarm handling to a sophisticated level. Not only going from analogue to digital, but taking it next step into smart technology together with its ecosystem partners. Their dynamic, born in the cloud, platform:

➡ constructs a connected network that reacts to incidents in the environment.
➡ guarantees that the right person, resource, or system is unfailingly reached when needed. 

The award-winning smart speaker from ProKNX, Aragon Companion:

➡ learns an individual’s routine with the use of discrete movement monitoring devices. 
➡ detects anomalies in routine and guarantees an alert notification to an outside party through the Skyresponse platform. 

💥 When used in tandem, this interoperability of services creates

an expanded safety feature for individuals living alone. 💥

To find out more about what services Skyresponse offers, watch this short video.

ProKNX and Skyresponse working together
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Reliable product interoperability verified by ProKNX and Skyresponse

After rigorous testing, it has been confirmed that the ProKNX smart speaker, Aragon Companion, and the alarm managementplatform developed by new partner, Skyresponse, are seamlessly interoperable.

The emerging move toward interoperability of products and systems in the intelligent technology sector is quickly becoming essential for their longevity in the market. In order to remain viable options for the consumer, the technologies must be flexible. Each product needs to be compatible with as many complementary systems as possible.

Skyresponse takes alarm handling to a sophisticated level. Their dynamic platform constructs a connected network that reacts to incidents in the environment. It guarantees that the right person, resource, or system is unfailingly reached when needed. The award-winning smart speaker from ProKNX, Aragon Companion, learns an individual’s routine with the use of discrete movement monitoring devices. Detection of an anomaly by the smart speaker guarantees an alert notification to an outside party through the Skyreponse platform. When used in tandem, this interoperability of services enables the two companies to offer an expanded safety feature for individuals living alone.

Skyresponse: Improving lives in a connected world
ProKNX Aragon Companion and Skyresponse working together.

In addition, ProKNX and Skyresponse are members of a unique collaboration of partners brought together by AdaptEco. UK-based company, AdaptEco, selects specific cutting-edge technologies. The company then chooses particular technologies to design and build bespoke smart care solutions that exactly suit the needs of their clients. As a result, the consequential tech-agnostic interoperability gives customers confidence that their best interests are being taken into account.

For more information on the services Skyresponse provides and how they function, watch this short video:

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ProKNX smart speakers now used with IPBuilding hardware

ProKNX is excited to announce that after recent completion of a series of rigorous tests, ProKNX’s offline smart home assistant, Aragon, has proven to be compatible with the hardware of IPBuilding, provider of leading smart assisted living solutions. This result strengthens the development of the interoperable ecosystem solution for smart care. The technological interoperability of IPBuilding and ProKNX, is of paramount importance in order to offer clients deployment of complete ecosystem solutions.

Christian Kiefel, CEO of ProKNX stated, “We are extremely pleased that our speaker, Aragon, functions seamlessly with the IPBuilding platform. Our goal, first-and-foremost, has always been to create a device that is compatible with as many systems as possible. Interoperability is the key to the increased adoption of smart technology by the wider public. It is essential for the future success of the market that both individuals and companies are not locked in to one single smart system or solution by their initial choice of intelligent technology.” 

Christian Geisselmann, CEO and Founder of AdaptEco added, “The interoperability of our Digital Care Partners is essential, and forms the basis of our bespoke digital ecosystems. It means we can provide seamlessly integrated solutions, delivering an end-to-end service designed to enable independent living. When the systems we carefully curate are combined, operators and service users benefit from a ‘one system approach’. We ensure smooth integration and manage our partners so that AdaptEco is the single point of contact for our clients.”

Wim Rogghé,Technical Sales & Solutions Director from IPBuilding commented, “Because IPBuilding is an open, IP-based system, it is very easy for us to implement third party hardware such as the ProKNX solution. Both systems are open source and speak the same language, therefore the compatibility comes down to software development. Having a research and development team in-house means we have the flexibility to make this happen. We can create interoperable and unique digital ecosystems which meet assisted living requirements today, and in the future”.  

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ProKNX is now an Arm® EcoSystem partner!

ProKNX is proud to announce its entry as an Arm® Ecosystem partner. The British-based semiconductor company is a world leader in the development and distribution of processors used in almost every aspect of our technological lives.

Image courtesy of

Arm’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, privacy rights, and ethical business practices help to make them a leader in their field. With these core values as their base, Arm® searches out thousands of like-minded businesses from all over the globe. Their goal is to create a comprehensive solution for every sector of the technology industry. As an Arm® ecosystem partner, ProKNX works together with other members, with the support of Arm® to drive innovation and create high quality solutions for the world’s largest compute ecosystem.

“Arm® believes that sparking the world’s potential is about more than just bringing ideas to life—it’s about inspiring our partners, engineers, and developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible wherever computing happens.”

It is a honour to be part of a global network that is uniting under the umbrella of Arm® to use cutting-edge technology to transform the way we live and respond to our environment using sustainable, secure solutions. Wise deployment of innovative technology can improve our current lives, and those of the next generations.

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Private: Announcing a brand-new partnership!

The ProKNX office is buzzing with excitement with the confirmation of our new partnership with AdaptEco! 

AdaptEco is a UK-based company that provides end-to-end smart care technology EcoSystems for assisted living and senior-focused, future-proofed homes. 

We are proud to collaborate with AdaptEco, and be an active part of their Digital Care Partnership.  AdaptEco has 20 years of experience in the field of digital care. Since 2018 they have been providing pioneering smart-care, personalized solutions for extra-care living. 
The company is passionate in their search for the world’s most innovative smart home technologies. This enables them to construct bespoke, customer-centric solutions that help people live safely and comfortably in their homes for longer. 

We look forward to a fruitful alliance with an organization that shares our firm belief that the customer and their individual needs come first and foremost. 

To find out more about our new partner, click here

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