Theben LUXORliving, Future-Shape, and ProKNX together at The L+B Show in March

Come and see future-proofing in action at the Light + Building Trade-show!

In the spirit of our new cooperation with Theben AG and Future-Shape GmbH, we will be joining the two companies at the Theben booth at The Light + Building Trade Fair from 3 – 8 March in Frankfurt, Germany. There, we will demonstrate an extraordinary development that will change the way smart home solutions are designed to encompass future living needs, as well as present ones.

Look out for us at Hall 12, Stand B50 at the biggest trade fair stand in Theben’s history!

Click here for information on the L&B show.

Theben LUXORliving training case makes for easy integration

We are finalizing the integration of our Aragon smart speaker with the LUXORliving smart home solution by Theben. The process of integration with Theben AG LUXORliving is going very smoothly thanks to their training case!

luxorliving training case

Using this training case has made the testing phase simple and straight-forward.

Theben’s portable training case contains twelve LUXORliving products used for training when integrating smart devices into the solution. A display of lights and LED panels show events that occur during testing, thus giving a clear vision of the results.

In using the case, we have determined that our Aragon system integrates smoothly with the LUXORliving server IP1.

Once the needed home automation features are defined in the LUXORplug application and transferred, the Aragon smart speaker automatically reads any room names, device names, and types from the IP1 server.

This integration will support a large number of home automation products, from lighting and dimmers, to shutters and scenes.

Download a free brochure below:

ProKNX and Future-Shape announce partnership

ProKNX and Future-Shape are pleased to announce their partnership to bring the Aragon smart speaker and innovative Sens-floor® together to create an essential smart technology solution. Working in tandem the two products will allow new safety and security measures to be put in place for people living alone, residential homes, and care-homes. This is a huge advancement for the care sector.

The special flooring from Future-Shape is a large, discreet sensor system that can be installed under any kind of flooring. The smart floor detects presence and movement of people without the need for pressure. The signals are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. The transceiver, in turn, calculates the number of people on the floor, their direction and speed, as well as detects falls.

There are multiple use-cases for Sens-Floor® coupled with the Aragon smart speaker installation. These range from health care and Assisted Living, to home automation and security.

To see how Aragon Companion and Sens-Floor® work together, watch the demonstration video below:

Node-Red can be used for the effortless integration of Sensfloor® and Aragon for any smart system installation. Generating code is simple to do by implementing a node developed by FlowFuse. The node uses AI to generate code an integrator needs to achieve interoperable functionality.

For more information on the ease of creating Node-Red code with AI to set up a smart-home solution, go to our HeyAragon developer website.

It is time to take your privacy seriously

Why we are no longer supporting Alexa

We have made a conscious choice not to ship hardware with direct support for the online voice assistants Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our Privacy Philosophy Benefits You.
We believe that:
  • Our customer should be able to be independent of us –  cloud-based service (e.g. Alexa Skill) is a service that must be made available on an Internet server day and night. This requires an infrastructure with financial and technical support.  We want to be honest with our clients, and cannot guarantee this service for the next 5, 10 or 20 years. Therefore, want to offer you a better solution for the future.
  • We should not have access to our customers’ installations – The skill not only allows the online voice assistant to access our customers’ installations, but also us at ProKNX, and anyone who should ever have access to our data pool. We do not want to bear this responsibility, as it is not in your best interests.
  • “What’s said at home, stays at home” – Our slogan is one that we truly believe in. Our development of ARAGON shows that today we are able to enable privacy and offer voice assistants offline. We refuse to support data and information theft.

Therefore, as of Sep 1, 2023, our “realKNX servers” will no longer support Alexa, Google Assistant, or remoteConnect.

What happens to the systems we have delivered so far?

For more information, go to our parent-site ProKNX

The Pyramid of Protected Privacy

Voice control with Privacy in focus

Aragon2 is our second-generation smart speaker. The original award-winning Aragon for Snips voice-controlled assistant was launched at the beginning of 2020 with the privacy of data as its primary focus.

The Aragon2 functions in an isolated network to control home automation devices, just like its predecessor, with all analysis of speech and execution of commands carried out on-device. This ensures the privacy of the user, and reliability of service.

Aragon2 differs from the original device by having augmented capabilities. When the smart speaker is in “online mode” the user has access to powerful online services like OpenAI/ChatGPT and Google.

Protected Mode – 100% Offline – Privacy guaranteed

In the Protected Mode, the Aragon system:

– Executes all home automation-related voice commands
– Speaks with a selectable voice, which also runs on the device.


– Cannot update its software
– Cannot perform Network time synchronization over the Internet.

The solution: the Master is equipped with a battery to power the RTC. Additionally, all Satellites are equipped with special time synchronization software.

If you plan to run Aragon in an Internet disconnected network, add the Offline Kit to your basket.

Ideal for:

– Premises where the integrity of the users is an absolute requirement, e.g. executive meeting rooms
– Where Internet connection is limited, e.g. cruise ships and yachts.

Safe Mode – connected to the Internet

In Safe Mode, the Aragon system:

– Executes all home automation-related voice commands
– Speaks with a selectable voice, which also runs on the device.
– Uses Network time synchronization over the Internet
– Updates software at the user’s request. Additionally, Aragon
– Can optionally answer weather forecasts and traffic information queries.

No audio leaves the device, the voice commands are treated on the device (on-board ASR and NLU).

Ideal for:

– Premises where the integrity of the users is a requirement e.g. Homes, Offices, Hotels.

Trusted Services mode – Online-Offline

By adding the Trusted services, Aragon will be able to answer any query that you may ask OpenAI/ChatGPT and Google. Google search is accessed in a safe and anonymous manner via a proxy service, SerpAPI.

– ChatGPT by OpenAI is an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to engage in natural-sounding conversations. It utilizes the most advanced AI technology available today and can provide responses that are both coherent and accurate.

– SerpAPI is a powerful tool that enables access to Google and Bing search engine results pages, anonymously and with privacy.

How Trusted Service Mode Works

When the user switches to Trusted Service mode, Aragon uses an online service for transcription. This is necessary in order to understand users’ queries. The onboard Speech-to_text (or ASR) is trained and limited to Home Automation and media control tasks. To support the full English language, the audio is redirected to an external service.

The user enters online mode by saying Enter online mode and leave by saying Leave online mode. Aragon will automatically leave online mode after 1 hour of inactivity.

Before using online mode, the user must create free accounts for trusted online services.

Download your free copy of the privacy pyramid by clicking on the link below:

Introducing Aragon2, the all-new smart speaker from ProKNX! 

After a long period of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of Aragon2 our new smart speaker. The technology that allows for the increased capacity of the smart speaker has been coalesced into a “master” unit, which drives the satellites within an isolated network separate from the external Internet connection.

The new, improved version of the ProKNX smart speaker, carries out all the functions you already know and love. In addition, the device comes equipped with even more features:

Even more personalised

Now, Aragon2 comes with a choice of wake-words. Rather than being obliged to use the factory-set wake-word, the user can choose a more personalized wake-word from a selection.

Even better listening skills

Exceptional understanding, even in noisy environments. Thanks to cutting-edge noise filter software technology, Aragon2 has a superior capacity to hear spoken utterances more clearly than ever before. This feature also holds true in situations with loud ambient noise, where the smart speaker easily distinguishes between commands and background sounds.

Privacy guaranteed

The Aragon2 can control all your smarthome devices such as lights, heating, and blinds without need of an external Internet connection. This ability to work 100% offline in an isolated network means that the end-user’s privacy is completely protected. There can be no possibility of malicious hacker interference with the system. Also, there will be no issues if there is an outage of the external Internet connection. The ProKNX voice controlled smart speaker does not record or transmit data it has heard to any other source, therefore what is said at home, stays at home.

Even better sensitivity

The smart speaker has a heightened sensitivity. The device now has a superior response time to a command or query, reacting far more quickly than was previously possible.

Even more capabilities

An option to access online ChatGPT will be coming soon. ChatGPT by OpenAI has been trained on extremely high volumes of Internet data. It can therefore answer queries of all types with impressive accuracy. The capacity of ChatGPT to respond to the end-user via a trusted service gives the Aragon 2 smart speaker even more scope of available functionality.

The launch of Aragon2 will be taking place at the ISE 2023 in Barcelona at the end of January. Come to Hall 2, stand 2L400 to see a live demonstration of what the Aragon smart speaker can do!

The English language version of Aragon2 is the first to be released. The French-language and German-language versions will be launched at the end of February 2023.

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The Dawn of a New KNX Age: the KNX IoT 3rd Party API

Introducing the KNX IoT 3rd Party API by KNX. The IoT is well entrenched in the modern smart building industry. Until now, there have been a number of obstacles in deployment. Often different devices need their individual apps to function. This creates difficulty in interoperability between platforms and devices. There has also been an elevated dependency on Internet and Cloud connections, as well as issues in maintaining ‘patchwork’ installations.

That has all changed with the launch of KNX IoT 3rd Party API by KNX. This new protocol standardizes communication, and allows non-KNX and KNX products to be used in a single installation with all new servers that will support this standardized protocol. The advantages for the industry are many-fold. They range from lowering construction costs and increasing speed of project deliveries, to improving reliability and compatibility of systems.

For both device vendors and the end-user, the new protocol is a huge advantage as only one standard API is needed to control them all.

In collaboration with Schneider Electric at the recent Light + Building expo, we successfully demonstrated the use of the KNX IoT 3rd-Party API that created interoperable interaction between Schneider WISER, Simlab AR, and our Aragon smart speaker.

To find out more about this new standard that will make it far easier to create products, solutions and services, read more in the informative article from KNXtoday article below: