Aragon Companion

The help system that promotes independent living

Home automation is very beneficial for people beginning to lose their autonomy.  Our voice-controlled Aragon Companion smart speaker helps people gain back their independence, and live comfortably and safely in their own familiar homes for longer.

With the help of the ProKNX voice-controlled home help system –

  • Everyday household tasks require far less effort
  • A nominated person outside the home can be contacted as soon as an unusual event occurs
  • The resident can verbally trigger a call for help if needed
  • Movement is monitored to ensure safety

Advantages of a voice-controlled Offline Aragon Companion
Smart-Home system


  • Customisable to suit personal vocabulary.
  • Commands said in a thousand different ways are understood
  • ProKNX can rapidly adapt the assistant to suit individual needs
  • Interoperable with other help organizations


  • Nothing is recorded or transmitted to the cloud
  • Functions without an Internet connection
  • Voice recognition runs entirely on device
  • No personal details or account set-up are needed to install or use the device

Safety and Security

  • Everyday tasks require far less physical effort
  • A nominated person outside the home is alerted to a change in routine
  • A help call can be triggered verbally from anywhere in the home
  • No false alarms as a help call can be verbally cancelled