Aragon features

On-device voice recognition

  • No cloud services involved
  • Private by design
  • Nothing is recorded or saved
  • Ideal for homes, offices, and hotels


  • Physically small device  77 mm, 40 mm deep
  • Approximately same size as Alexa, GH mini
  • Can be placed on a desk or shelf
  • Can be wall mounted


  • ProKNX has full control of the Voice software from the lowest level to final action
  • We are completely independent, therefore fully able to tailor our innovation, and personalize our customer support
  • Due to our size we can fast-track ideas to implementation
  • ProKNX has innovative solutions e.g. Super Scenes, Scheduler, Logging, Mesh VPN network for Remote Connection, and more.

Environmentally sustainable

  • Works completely offline – reduces carbon footprint. As a comparison: Alexa can use up to 108 GB/year. This corresponds to 54 kWh and 16 kg CO2 wasted in unnecessary communication.
  • High quality, durable products – in the first five years after sale, ProKNX pledges to repair any Aragon device in the unlikely event of a technical issue

Automation installation and ease of use

  • Devices and rooms are discovered automatically
  • Aragon is automatically updated with all relevant configuration
  • Aragon can be taught to understand non-standard names for any device
  • Rapid vs Thoughtful reaction: Aragon can be adapted to understand and react at different speeds when the device hears faster or slower speech. An essential feature for non-native language speakers, the elderly, and beginners to voice control.


  • English
  • German
  • French

Innovative and unique features

  • Super Scenes  users can customize commonly used groups of commands into one single phrase e.g. “I’m Home” turns on certain lights and music in chosen rooms. See video.
  • Help call – if user says Help, Help or Help Me, Aragon can be configured to notify the caregiver.
  • Remote connectionremote access with Privacy.
    – Full access to the home network
    – No Need to Open Firewall Ports
    – Included in Aragon Master, No Subscription Required