Help & Documentation

If you need help for optimal installation of your Aragon smart speaker there are three easy ways to get it:

  1. You can browse the Documentation,
  2. Read the User Guide
  3. You can explore the Node-RED library,
  4. Or, simply ask the Aragon Agent your question and immediately have the answer you need.

Not sure what to ask? Have a look at some examples below to help you get started:

  • I have a three room apartment, how many Aragon devices do I need?
  • I only have WiFi connection and no cables, will Aragon Satellites work?
  • I have a Sonos loudspeaker system. Can I control it by voice from Aragon?
  • Can you explain how I can update my Aragon Master software?
  • Explain how to configure the Aragon Satellites!