Introducing Aragon2, the all-new smart speaker from ProKNX! 

After a long period of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of Aragon2 our new smart speaker. The technology that allows for the increased capacity of the smart speaker has been coalesced into a “master” unit, which drives the satellites within an isolated network separate from the external Internet connection.

The new, improved version of the ProKNX smart speaker, carries out all the functions you already know and love. In addition, the device comes equipped with even more features:

Even more personalised

Now, Aragon2 comes with a choice of wake-words. Rather than being obliged to use the factory-set wake-word, the user can choose a more personalized wake-word from a selection.

Even better listening skills

Exceptional understanding, even in noisy environments. Thanks to cutting-edge noise filter software technology, Aragon2 has a superior capacity to hear spoken utterances more clearly than ever before. This feature also holds true in situations with loud ambient noise, where the smart speaker easily distinguishes between commands and background sounds.

Privacy guaranteed

The Aragon2 can control all your smarthome devices such as lights, heating, and blinds without need of an external Internet connection. This ability to work 100% offline in an isolated network means that the end-user’s privacy is completely protected. There can be no possibility of malicious hacker interference with the system. Also, there will be no issues if there is an outage of the external Internet connection. The ProKNX voice controlled smart speaker does not record or transmit data it has heard to any other source, therefore what is said at home, stays at home.

Even better sensitivity

The smart speaker has a heightened sensitivity. The device now has a superior response time to a command or query, reacting far more quickly than was previously possible.

Even more capabilities

An option to access online ChatGPT will be coming soon. ChatGPT by OpenAI has been trained on extremely high volumes of Internet data. It can therefore answer queries of all types with impressive accuracy. The capacity of ChatGPT to respond to the end-user via a trusted service gives the Aragon 2 smart speaker even more scope of available functionality.

The launch of Aragon2 will be taking place at the ISE 2023 in Barcelona at the end of January. Come to Hall 2, stand 2L400 to see a live demonstration of what the Aragon smart speaker can do!

The English language version of Aragon2 is the first to be released. The French-language and German-language versions will be launched at the end of February 2023.