Private: Announcing a brand-new partnership!

The ProKNX office is buzzing with excitement with the confirmation of our new partnership with AdaptEco! 

AdaptEco is a UK-based company that provides end-to-end smart care technology EcoSystems for assisted living and senior-focused, future-proofed homes. 

We are proud to collaborate with AdaptEco, and be an active part of their Digital Care Partnership.  AdaptEco has 20 years of experience in the field of digital care. Since 2018 they have been providing pioneering smart-care, personalized solutions for extra-care living. 
The company is passionate in their search for the world’s most innovative smart home technologies. This enables them to construct bespoke, customer-centric solutions that help people live safely and comfortably in their homes for longer. 

We look forward to a fruitful alliance with an organization that shares our firm belief that the customer and their individual needs come first and foremost. 

To find out more about our new partner, click here