Private by Design

Aragon respects your privacy

Problems with generic smart speakers:

Lack of Data Privacy – our private data is being continually compromised when we use generic cloud-based assistants. 

Internet Connection Dependence – to use a generic assistant we must maintain a working Internet connection.

Account Set-up Complexity – obligatory set-up of an account to use the cloud-based service, or to install special applications

The ProKNX Privacy Solution

On-device Functionality – The ProKNX offline voice control system for building automation runs purely on the device.  No data is stored. No data is transmitted to the cloud.

Your privacy is guaranteed.

No automatic updates – You decide when, and if, you want to update.

No need for accounts – The ProKNX smart speaker needs no special account or app to function

Problems when using a cloud-based assistant:

  • Your information is recorded
  • The device is dependent on a working Internet connection and cloud access
  • Setting up accounts and applications to make the device function is complex

Solutions that Aragon offers to protect your privacy:

  • The voice controlled home automation assistant runs completely on the device
  • No Internet or cloud connection is needed
  • Nothing is recorded or stored

What’s said at home, stays at home