Aragon Master

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Aragon Master – a powerful server for voice control

The Aragon Voice Control System is composed of

  • 1 Master and
  • 1-10 Satellites

An Aragon installation consists of one Master. The Master is obligatory for the functioning of the smart system, e.g. the understanding of voice commands and the interaction with the home automation system. The Master works with one or more Satellites.

The Satellite comes in two versions:

  • WL (tabletop, RJ45/Wi-Fi) and/or
  • PoE (flush mounted)

Any combination/mix of WL and PoE Sat is possible.

All Aragon devices must be installed in the same network.

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Aragon – Voice control with Privacy in focus

Aragon2 is our second-generation smart speaker. The original award-winning Aragon for Snips voice-controlled assistant was launched at the beginning of 2020 with the privacy of data as its primary focus.

The Aragon2 functions in an isolated network to control home automation devices, just like its predecessor, with all analysis of speech and execution of commands carried out on-device. This ensures the privacy of the user, and reliability of service.

Aragon2 differs from the original device by having augmented capabilities. When the smart speaker is in “online mode” the user has access to powerful online services like OpenAI/ChatGPT and Google.


Protected Mode – 100% Offline – Privacy guaranteed

In the Protected Mode, the Aragon system:

– Executes all home automation-related voice commands
– Speaks with a selectable voice, which also runs on the device.


– Cannot update its software
– Cannot perform Network time synchronization over the Internet.

The solution: the Master is equipped with a battery to power the RTC. Additionally, all Satellites are equipped with special time synchronization software.

If you plan to run Aragon in an Internet disconnected network, add the Offline Kit to your basket.

Ideal for:

– Premises where the integrity of the users is an absolute requirement, e.g. executive meeting rooms
– Where Internet connection is limited, e.g. cruise ships and yachts.


Safe Mode – connected to the Internet

In Safe Mode, the Aragon system:

– Executes all home automation-related voice commands
– Speaks with a selectable voice, which also runs on the device.
– Uses Network time synchronization over the Internet
– Updates software at the user’s request. Additionally, Aragon
– Can optionally answer weather forecasts and traffic information queries.

No audio leaves the device, the voice commands are treated on the device (on-board ASR and NLU).

Ideal for:

– Premises where the integrity of the users is a requirement e.g. Homes, Offices, Hotels.

Trusted Services mode – Online-Offline

By adding the Trusted services, Aragon will be able to answer any query that you may ask OpenAI/ChatGPT and Google. Google search is accessed in a safe and anonymous manner via a proxy service, SerpAPI.

– ChatGPT by OpenAI is an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to engage in natural-sounding conversations. It utilizes the most advanced AI technology available today and can provide responses that are both coherent and accurate.

– SerpAPI is a powerful tool that enables access to Google and Bing search engine results pages, anonymously and with privacy.

How Trusted Service Mode Works

When the user switches to Trusted Service mode, Aragon uses an online service for transcription. This is necessary in order to understand users’ queries. The onboard Speech-to_text (or ASR) is trained and limited to Home Automation and media control tasks. To support the full English language, the audio is redirected to an external service.

The user enters online mode by saying Enter online mode and leave by saying Leave online mode. Aragon will automatically leave online mode after 1 hour of inactivity.

Before using online mode, the user must create free accounts for trusted online services.

Remote Connection

– Remote Connection to Your Smart Home with Aragon
– No Need to Open Firewall Ports
– Included in Aragon Master, No Subscription Required
– Technology: Tailscale VPN for Secure and Effortless Access

Read more:


Endless integration possibilities with Node-RED

Node-RED is an extremely powerful, easy-to-use visual programming tool. Tasks are automated by the user by interconnecting function blocks. No prior knowledge of a programming language is required to program Node-RED. Users have access to our large library of modules which can be copied and adjusted as needed.

This library includes functions such as:

– AND/OR gates, SMS & Push notifications on mobile phones,
– complex alarm systems with unique features like dogs barking on SONOS devices
– Aragon or Sonos speakers can be configured to announce KNX events, in case of emergency situations such as fire alarms

Node-Red gives endless possibilities for customization and personalization.


The installation is designed to be truly plug-and-play.

At start-up, Aragon reads out the configured building structure, which includes:
– device names
– location
– type of device
– how to operate the device.

The received names will be trained, so understood by Aragon in the context, i.e. in complete sentences. Once trained, control and query of the installation is done by voice.

Aragon controls any IP-based Home Automation device, but for the following servers and gateways it is automatic, thanks to Plug-and-Play interaction/configuration:

– All KNX IoT compatible servers; e.g Schneider Wiser


– GIRA Homeserver with QuadClient (Version 4.10 or higher)


– KNX-proServ

– JUNG Smart Visu Server

– Philips Hue Bridge


– EnOcean (read more: EnOcean Gateway Kit)

In the case of a KNX / IP-Interface (tunneling or routing), all gateways are supported, but will require manual configuration.

Any other IP-based gateway with an open protocol can be used with Aragon, using a similar manual textual configuration.

Read more: User Guide

Hardware Spec

– SoC: Rockchip RK3399
– CPU: big.LITTLE,Dual-Core Cortex-A72(up to 2.0GHz) + Quad-Core Cortex-A53(up to 1.5GHz)
– Flash: 32GB eMMC
– Ethernet: one Native Gigabit Ethernet, and one PCIe Gigabit Ethernet
– USB: two USB 3.0 Type-A ports
– microSD Slot x 1
– LEDs: 1 x power LED and 3 x GPIO Controlled LED (SYS, LAN, WAN)

CNC’d metal case, excellent heat dissipation. Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 29 mm

Software Spec

– Automatic Speech Recognition, ASR (Kaldi)
– Natural Language Understanding, NLU
– MQTT & Hermes protocol
– Node-RED
– Voice and Graphical User Interface: English, German and French
– Text-to-Speech ~10 English voices
– Netdata: data collection and presentation
– Remote Connection, VPN peer-to-peer mesh network
– Deep filtering noise suppression
– SONOS control


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