Aragon Satellite PoE

390.00  ( 390.00  excl. tax /// 468.00  incl. tax)

Offline voice control,  flush mounted PoE

  • 2 digital microphones, range 7-10m
  • Speaker type: smartphone
  • Network connection: PoE
  • Power supply: PoE
  • Compatible with all switch fronts in 55 x 55 mm

Aragon Satellite PoE is delivered without the frame but with the speaker grid, which is available in three colours, whiteblack and aluminium.

The Aragon Voice Control System is composed of

  • Master and
  • 1-10 Satellites (WL or PoE)

The wake word is ‘Hey Aragon’ or ‘OK Aragon’.

Contact us to find out about personal or OEM wakewords.

The only required configuration is the attribution of the room name. This can either be done by voice (E.g: Set the room to kitchen) or via web browser user interface.

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– H3, Quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2GHz

– DDR3 RAM 512MB

8 GB eMMC flash memory


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