ProKNX and Future-Shape announce partnership

ProKNX and Future-Shape are pleased to announce their partnership to bring the Aragon smart speaker and innovative Sens-floor® together to create an essential smart technology solution. Working in tandem the two products will allow new safety and security measures to be put in place for people living alone, residential homes, and care-homes. This is a huge advancement for the care sector.

The special flooring from Future-Shape is a large, discreet sensor system that can be installed under any kind of flooring. The smart floor detects presence and movement of people without the need for pressure. The signals are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. The transceiver, in turn, calculates the number of people on the floor, their direction and speed, as well as detects falls.

There are multiple use-cases for Sens-Floor® coupled with the Aragon smart speaker installation. These range from health care and Assisted Living, to home automation and security.

To see how Aragon Companion and Sens-Floor® work together, watch the demonstration video below:

Node-Red can be used for the effortless integration of Sensfloor® and Aragon for any smart system installation. Generating code is simple to do by implementing a node developed by FlowFuse. The node uses AI to generate code an integrator needs to achieve interoperable functionality.

For more information on the ease of creating Node-Red code with AI to set up a smart-home solution, go to our HeyAragon developer website.

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