ProKNX delighted with their success at the KNX Awards 2022!

Success at the KNX Awards 2022!

We are very pleased to announce that the ProKNX Aragon Smart Speaker/ProServ bundle has been placed by popular vote in the top four best products for the KNX Awards 2022! The Best Product is one of several new categories for the biennial KNX Awards. This category was added by the organization this year in order to better showcase the vast array of development and creativity displayed by KNX members in the home and building industry. Since the first awards ceremony in 2008, the KNX awards have become established as an international benchmark of quality and innovation in the building industry.

ProServ + ARAGON WL bundle

The competition was fierce, with a large number of innovative high-quality products nominated from all around the world. We wish to extend our congratulations to all KNX industry members who took part in the awards.

As a small company, we feel privileged to have been given the distinction of innovating one of the best products of the year, along with the highly regarded companies Siemens, Divus GmbH, ad Mean Well.

The winning products from the KNX awards 2022 can be seen here:

  • the Touch Control TC5 from Siemens
  • the KNX IQ08 TPS Standalone Touch Panel from DIVUS GmbH
  • the KNX Data Secure Constant Voltage LED Driver from MEAN WELL

For more information on the proServ/Aragon smart speaker bundle, click here