ProKNX Smart Speakers now control Philips Hue lights

ProKNX announce that their offline, voice-controlled smart speakers, Aragon and PRATGLAD, are now compatible with Philips Hue smart lights.

Philips Hue lighting consists of an extensive range of high quality bulbs, lamps, and lightstrips. This wide choice of products gives the user a complete solution for an entire home, without any need to rewire. The smart lighting is designed with versatility in mind. Consequently, the options for using the lighting system are extensive. The user has the choice of the Philips Hue app, a remote control, or voice control to change the environmental lighting. ProKNX has developed their smart speaker capabilities to control Philips Hue smart lighting with a single vocal command: “Hey Snips, turn on the lights!”.

Individuals can use a ProKNX smart speaker to activate or change ambiance and lighting colour with naturally spoken voice commands. There is no need to use a touch-screen. This comes with the advantage that all residents in the home can easily control the lighting when needed.

The goal of ProKNX is to develop smart speakers that are interoperable with as many systems as possible. The key to the increased adoption of smart technology by the wider public is interoperability. The success of the smart technology market depends on the fact that both individuals and companies are not locked in to one single smart system or solution by their initial choice of intelligent technology.

As a result of this development, integrators can simply use Node-Red to connect the ProKNX smart speaker to a Philips Hue Bridge. Find step-by-step instructions on the ProKNX site to install and activate a Philips Hue lighting solution.