Aragon 1.5 – What’s new?

Aragon Version 1.5 – get ready to be amazed!

We have been working tirelessly over the last months to add to the capabilities of our Aragon Master! In this article we discuss the new features that have just been released.

The Aragon Master will soon have enhanced abilities, from ability to be interoperable with the majority of smart-home systems, to having the latest documentation at your fingertips, to optimizing voice commands to fine-tune individual devices to perfectly suit the end-user.

1. Homebridge Integration

One of the most important new features of our Aragon Master allows interoperability with any smart-home standard, from the already established KNX standard, to Matter, or the Apple Homekit.

Homebridge has been developed by a large number of plugin developers and core contributors. It allows integration of smart home devices unsupported by Apple’s Homekit into any smart home solution. Consequently, users can install Homebridge on the Aragon Master to access a slew of plugins developed for easy integration of thousands of smart appliances.

Choice in the smart-home world has suddenly become a lot larger!

For more information on Homebridge, click the link below:

2. Aragon documentation now integrated into the Aragon Master

Aragon Documentation and Help is now integrated on Aragon Master. This means that all the information you need is at your fingertips. On-device, you can find a mirror of up-to-date help documentation, history, and NodeRed that is also found on Github.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the user experience offered by the new on-device help and documentation service.

3. Voice Control Optimization

The third feature that we are very pleased to be able to bring you is Voice Command Optimization. Users can now fine-tune voice commands by excluding commands that are not useful, e.g. if the building has no shutters or blinds, the commands to control them can be removed.

The user can also select from various models of assistants with different sets of commands from “large”, to “medium”, to “tiny”. An advantage for using a “tiny” range of commands could be for a user with unclear pronunciation. As there are fewer possibilities available, the smart speaker will be less likely to pick the “wrong” command.

4. Updated Voice Assistants

We have also done a significant amount of development in the area of Text to Speech voices that are available to the user of the Aragon smart speaker. The quality of each voice option has become greatly enhanced, which promotes better understanding for the end-user.

Additionally, the range of English-speaking voices has been markedly increased, particularly in the variety of British accents on offer. A wider choice of voices in German and French has also been added.

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