Who We Are

ProKNX is a widely known French company in the KNX Home Automation sector. We make offline smart-home assistants to use in different environments, such as homes, hotels, and offices.  We also make offline smart-home speakers with special features to allow frail people to stay in their homes for longer.

We are extremely innovative and constantly striving to come up with better solutions to meet the high expectations of our customers.

We value diversity. We have made sure that our team is internationally diverse so that we can have a open-minded approach to the attitudes and acceptance around the world for new technologies we work on..

Our team is dynamic and responsive. We are committed to advising and helping you to realize your projects under the best conditions possible.

Why We Do What We Do

ProKNX has a long history of innovation. We are constantly striving to develop new ideas, coupled with new ways of doing things. We make use of the latest technology in the best way we can to improve the lives of of as many people as possible.

At ProKNX, we strongly believe that developing technology that you can use while protecting your privacy is essential in these times when it seems that our privacy is being threatened from all sides, especially in the area of voice controlled smart home automation. With the smart speakers on the market today, giving up your private data is an obligation rather than a choice. This is something we want to change, which is why we have developed an offline voice control system for Home Automation that runs purely on the device.

Since our smart speaker works offline, no data is recorded or stored; no data is transmitted to the cloud. Your privacy is guaranteed.

What’s said at home stays at home. We passionately guarantee it!

Christian Kiefel, CEO and Jens Kastensson, CTO.