Your ProKNX smart speaker gains multiple new capabilities

Home automation smart speakers made by ProKNX can do far more than just control lighting and heating!

We have added features to facilitate everyday life. The new ProKNX smart speaker capabilities help you plan in advance before you leave the house. So now, not only does the voice controlled smart assistant make you more comfortable when you are at home, but also when you are out and about.

The new features:

  • Weather

“What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow? “
“Was sagt der Wetterbericht für morgen?”
“Quelles sont les prévisions météo pour demain ?”

Are you about to walk out the door and wonder if you need a jacket or an umbrella? Just ask your ProKNX smart speaker for the local weather forecast. Or maybe you are going on a trip and need to know what to pack. Find out the weather conditions at your city destination from your smart speaker.

This feature is available in English, German, or French.

  • Traffic

What’s the traffic like today?”

“How long will it take me to get to work?”

You are ready for your commute to work and want to check the traffic conditions before you leave? The ProKNX smart speaker can help you. All it takes is an initial set-up to define “home” and “work” locations. After this, any time the question is asked, the assistant can search the Internet and give you anonymized information about the current traffic flow for the commute between home and work.

This feature is also available in English, German, or French.

How to enable weather and traffic features

Update your Voice Assistant and Application. Then, activate the ‘Internet search’ functionality. Set your work address, and you’re ready to go.

Note: The feature of Internet search by voice is privacy enabled. This free service is opt-in only, as we understand how important maintaining your privacy is.